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First Home Buyers

First Home Buyers… look out! you do not need a deposit or  savings anymore to purchase your dream first home, we’ve helped hundreds of First Home Buyers who are proudly paying off their own homes. 

Stop renting…. Stop paying off your land lord’s mortgage… this is money down the drain, instead pay off your own home loan,  and own your dream home faster

We are here to help.

If you are purchasing a home for the first time, you are now eligible  for the $7000.00 First Home Buyer’s Grant and exempted from stamp duties (stamp duty exemption based on your local state regulations).  We come to you do the whole lot and help you through the process and it cost you nothing.

Learn about Family Pledge / Equity , where parents can help their children to get  a head start  into the property market as a first home buyer, with no deposit or savings

New ! Equity Finance for First Home Buyers or ones who are looking at upgrading to a better place, Your loan is only 75%, and shared with  a third party up to 20%.  This new home loan can help reduce your loan repayments or even purchase a more expensive property  than you may otherwise be able to afford.    Let’s show how it works.

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Hello Home Owners…..Do a Home Loan Check!!   If you are paying off a home loan, take a few moments to check if your home loan is on the best product in to-day’s market and you are not paying a higher rate.   We, as a Multi Bank Lender,  access over 200 home loan products and perhaps be able to save you  hundreds of $$$$ in your monthly repayments, and show you the way how one could own their home faster. 

When you refinance, you do not pay stamp duty again, unless you increase/top up your borrowings,  when you pay stamp duty ONLY on the increased amount.

Eg. Original Home Loan  $ 300 000.00
  Mortgage Stamp Duty Paid $     1 141.00
  Refinanced Home Loan  $ 300 000.00
  Top Up Loan $   25 000.00
  Mortgage Stamp Duty $          41.00

Do the Home Loan Check….. We as a one stop shop can help you do the check and bring you the savings you deserve.  Check if you are receiving a discounted interest rate.  We are up to date with time to time SPECIALS OFFERED by lenders,  we make refinancing as easy as possible with less cost,  savings to you will be always greater. 

When you are renovating, purchasing a family car or paying off a few personal debts, will be a worthwhile exercises to combine these debts with your home loan and keep monthly repayments to one and affordable.   We help you choose the best home loan and a discounted low rate.

Many  home loan packages will now allow you to offset your credit card, pay in your salary direct and generally manipulate your debt to reduce the interest you pay, check your financial position and take advantage of any opportunity to consolidate debt, minimise interest and reduce the monthly paperwork.

Consolidating your debts into one manageable loan can be a smart way to not only get your finances in order and at a cheaper rate, but also reduce the amount of  your personal debts.  Your credit cards, personal loans, car loans and a mortgage, usually these debts can be consolidated against your mortgage and of course work harder under your lower mortgage rate.

Our access to Monthly Specials is handy, we can arrange to pay off all your debts and put you on a low monthly repayment, take advantage of the discounts lenders offer.  Lenders now allow you to borrow up to 95% of  the value of your property to consolidate all your debts to one low monthly repayment.

Over 30 lenders and Over 200 products to choose, we will help you thru this process and guarantee to bring you the best low monthly repayment.

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If you are self-employed, experience uneven cash flows or have your personal and business income and expense records combined, it may be difficult to meet a bank’s standard home loan application requirements.

Introducing Low Doc Home Loans. It’s simple.  No Tax returns,  Financial statements or other forms of income verification required.

Our Lo Doc loans come from variety of lenders,  Major Banks, Regional Banks, Credit Unions and Private Lenders.  You can have one tailor made to your needs.

Asset Rich Cash Poor ?  you are not ignored,  did you know you can borrow up to 60% of the total value of your properties with no ABN number or Asset & Liabilities assessment. This is suitable for investors who hold a property or properties with loads of lazy equity tied up.  You will be entitled to normal rates and special discounts, no added fees – Guaranteed.

Lo Doc loans max borrowing up to 95%,  self employed and ABN required, competitive rates, and subject to Lenders Mortgage Insurance.

No Doc loans max borrowing up to 60%,  No ABN required. No Lenders Mortgage Insurance.

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Commercial Loans are used for the purchase of a commercial property, refinance or construction of commercial developments. Our specialist commercial managers will take you through this complex process, let it be a small or a multi storey development, we can HELP! Our expertise in meeting the need of Developers & Investors will definitely be handy; we can provide customized commercial financing solutions.

  • Access to Leading Commercial Lenders
  • Borrow up to 85% on a stand alone property
  • Low rates and fees
  • Full doc and Low doc commercial loans
  • Simple application process

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As your business grows it’s financial needs may vary. We can find the finance you need to boost cash flow into the ongoing business or if you are planning on expanding further or you are looking at new ventures. Selecting right type of finance for your business can mean the difference between success and failure, that’s where we come in, our specialist business consultant, will identify the right finance for your business

  • Short term loans
  • Low rate business line of credit
  • Refinancing and Business Debt consolidation
  • Any type of business – Established or New (with equity)

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You don’t have to make lifestyle sacrifices to stay in your home throughout your retirement. An overseas adventure or buying a new car – you can enjoy your home and your retirement at the same time !

With a Seniors Loan it is possible to do both ! this is innovative loan designed for especially for seniors, allowing you to access the equity in your home while you continue to live in it.

If you are at least 63 and over, with a Seniors Loan you can

  • Continue to live comfortably in your own home and live life to the fullest
  • Borrow against the equity off your home
  • Receive the funds in one lump sum, and use for any purpose you wish
  • Make voluntary repayment amounts of your choice
  • You can defer repayment until the property is sold, or the borrowers
  • No longer live in the home or all borrowers are deceased.

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Residential Construction Loans,

This loan can make any construction project more cost-efficient by allowing you to make progress payments to builders after each stage of building has been inspected and verified

Construction can be carried out by licensed builders or be a Owner builder.  Choice is yours.  To apply, you are required to supply us with -

  • Construction cost estimates – tenders, costs & quotes from your   builder.
  • Council-approved plans and specifications
  • Written details of work to bee carried out by you or  your builder

Lending up to 95% of total value at completion,  Lenders Mortgage Insurance applicable but can be capitalized to include with loan.  Suitable for First Home Buyers or Up grading to a better home.

Development Finance,  for property developers – let this be for a duplex dwelling in a single block or a multi storey project for units, we can help.

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Non Conforming Loans

BANKS SAID NO….. Yes,  We Can Help,   our panel of Non Conforming Lenders is big,  we have helped  many of our clients to get out of  the mess they got into, our Non Conforming Loan Products are great.  Now, they are happy paying off their home loans regularly with no fear of expecting a Sherif’s knock on the door.

Non Conforming Loans are more suitable for some one with  –

Major Credit defaults

Late Home Loan Repayment

Arrears in Home Loan Repayments

Discharged from Bankruptcy

You can be self employed with an ABN and self certified income or full time employed with verified income, we will do the rest

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Investment Loans

Property Investment

There are many benefits in purchasing an investment property, the possibility of gaining a rental income, expectation of the property’s value to grow, and the tax benefits you may receive from Negative Gearing

At Supa Mortgages & Financial, we offer property investors a wide range of investment property services that maximize opportunity for creating wealth. In the nut shell you reduce your home loan term by consolidating cash flow from wages, rental income, tax deductions and therefore maximizing your equity


We can show you how you could create more wealth a lot sooner.

  • Borrow 110% to purchase your investment property
  • Tax Benefits – let the tax man pay part of your investment loan
  • Gearing - let it be positive or negative gearing
  • Hot Spots - we can direct you to various locations in Australia

Elements to consider

When purchasing an investment property there are several issues to consider

  1. Gain full information of the area
  2. Does the area attract tenants?
  3. Growth rate of the area
  4. Rent returns within the area
  5. Facilities and amenities in the area
  6. Good agent to manage your property
  7. Consider long term lease, say 12 – 24 months
  8. Ensure you have funds to cover in case of delay times between tenants
  9. Keep track of your expenses, such as travel costs etc
  10. Always make it possible to keep your property leased.

Choice of investment loans, you can have interest only for the life of the loan or pay interest & principal to suit what ever gearing situation you want to be in or you are already in.

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