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First Home Buyers

We are a specialist leasing company providing commercial financing facilities by way of Commercial Hire Purchase, Finance Lease, Chattel Mortgage & Novated Lease arrangements. The focus of our lending operations is in on the professional and small business sectors.

  • Motor Cars
  • Commercial Vehicles - Trucks & Buses

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All income producing plant and equipment that a business may utilize are accepted

  • Engineering Equipment
  • Materials Handling Equipment
  • Medical & Dental Equipment
  • Office Equipment & Computers
  • General Business Equipment

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  • Renovating your home ?
  • Purchasing a car or a boat?
  • Planning that holiday?
  • Simplifying your debts?

Why wait any longer? We can help you make it happen, turning your dream purchase into easy monthly payments. Or if you are burdened by credit cards and other high-interest loans, you’ll find paying off some of your smaller, more expensive debts can be a very smart move. Whatever your personal financing needs may be, one of our friendly consultants can help you today.

We lend from $15 000.00 to $50 000.00 depending on your needs and your capacity to repay.

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Otherwise know Debtor Finance, is an easy way of providing cash for a fast growing business, It releases funds tied up in trade debtors, to make the business more successful. As your business grows the ‘cash-gap’ widens between you paying your suppliers and your customers paying you, New customers and orders may have to be turned away as existing facilities are unable to keep pace with demand.

Like to find out more, call us now to discuss your requirements and whether Debtor Finance could be the answer to your growing business.

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